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Disability Service Plan 2017-20

Our Disability Service Plan 2017-2020 (PDF, 350.6KB) delivers on the Queensland Government’s vision “to help build an inclusive Queensland where all Queenslanders, including the one in five Queenslanders who have a disability, can thrive and reach their full potential as equal citizens. A Queensland where people with disability are respected for their abilities and have equal access to opportunities, to contribute and participate in all that Queensland has to offer.” Our plan contributes to the strategies and actions of the State Disability Plan 2017-2020 All Abilities Queensland: opportunities for all, developed by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (DCCSDS).

Our plan ensures people with a disability have access to the same department services, information and facilities that are available to the broader community and details the actions we will be undertaking to improve this access. The plan also acknowledges the right of people with a disability to participate as equitably as others, bringing to the department a set of unique skills, experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

The department will report annually on the actions outlined and contribute to the whole-of-government report.

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