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Submarine internet cable to better connect regions

28 April 2020

Regional businesses in Queensland will soon be able to connect to high-speed internet access to Asia and the United States through QCN Fibre.

The Queensland Government owned enterprise will link to the 7000km undersea Japan-Guam-Australia South Cable System (JGA South) via the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable – making the Sunshine Coast the fastest international connection point from Queensland and east Australia.

Regional businesses will be able to access faster and more reliable internet through the global connection to international undersea cable connections.  

Construction was completed late last year on the $6.6 million cable landing station. The station is the major land-based facility for Queensland’s $35 million international broadband submarine cable network.

The Queensland Government is providing $15 million for the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable network.

Last updated: 29 Apr 2020