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Great Keppel Island Rejuvenation Pilot

We understand the importance of Great Keppel Island to the Central Queensland economy and to stimulate tourism on the island, the state government has committed $25 million towards infrastructure that could attract further private sector investment to the region.

Project overview

Supply of power and water will be via a mainland connection, with feasibility work confirming the decision. The preliminary design phase is complete.

We are working with Livingstone Shire Council and other Queensland Government agencies to undertake key activities including:

  • technical surveys and investigations to inform project planning and design such as environmental monitoring,
  • design and construction methodologies,
  • engaging with Traditional Owners regarding technical survey and environmental monitoring activities, and
  • preparing for future procurement activities.


  • Generate jobs and economic growth

  • Private sector investment back to the region

  • Offer unique tourism experiences

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020