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Probity and gaming


A Probity Code of Practice has been established for Queen's Wharf Brisbane (QWB) and independent probity advisers have been appointed to oversee the project.


The operators of the existing Treasury Hotel and Casino, The Star Entertainment Group, form part of the Consortium that won the QWB project. The existing Treasury Casino in the Brisbane CBD will continue to operate throughout the QWB construction phase (approximately 2017 to 2022). It will close when a new world-class international casino facility opens within the IRD, expected in late 2022. The existing Treasury Casino will be converted into a high-end retail space.

At the QWB IRD, the casino gaming floor will be less than 5% of the overall development and is comparable to other IRDs in Australia and globally. The casino size and format will enable Queensland to compete effectively with similar developments across the region.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does QWB mean a second casino will be opened in Brisbane?

    No, Brisbane's existing Treasury Casino will close and be replaced by a new purpose built facility expected to open in 2022.

  • What is the state government's cap for gaming machines?

    There is a cap on gaming machines for both clubs and pubs in Queensland.  Separately each casino operating in Queensland has state government approval to operate a defined number of gaming machines.

  • Will there be additional Electronic Gaming Machines (poker machines) in the precinct?

    The QWB casino operator will have an entitlement to 2,500 gaming machines, although not all machines may be installed at opening. It is the QWB casino operator who will decide how many machines are operating at the casino opening and during operations. This is a commercial decision for TSEG.

  • Is there a limit of table numbers available in the QWB precinct?

    The number of table games operated at the casino will be determined by the QWB casino operator. Although the number of tables are constrained by the amount of gaming floor area approved by the Gaming Regulator.

  • How does the QWB IRD compare to other Australian operations?

    The casino gaming floor will be less than 5% of the overall development and is comparable to other IRDs in Australia and globally. The casino size and format will enable Queensland to compete effectively with similar developments across the region.

  • How does the government ensure responsible gambling?

    The Queensland Government has a strong commitment to responsible gambling and to minimise the harmful impacts of problem gambling. The Queensland Responsible Gambling Advisory Committee provides advice to the Minister responsible for gambling on emerging social concerns associated with gambling in Queensland. The Queensland Government is also an active member of Gambling Research Australia (GRA) which is a partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to initiate and manage a national gambling research program.

    A Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice is also in place which represents a voluntary, whole-of-industry commitment to best practice in the provision of responsible gambling.

    Read more about Casino licensing on the Business Queensland website.

  • Has the Government conducted a cost analysis of expected revenue versus total costs of social impacts of gambling?

    As the casino licence contains confidential information that is commercially sensitive to the casino licensee, the Community Impact Statement is not made publically available. In assessing the potential social and economic impacts of the QWB IRD, of which the casino is a part, a rigorous process was undertaken as part of the casino licence bid. This process required the proponents to submit information demonstrating, amongst other things, their commitment to responsible gambling and minimising harm from gambling.

    Additionally, the government has engaged Queensland University of Technology to undertake a Longitudinal Benefits and Impact Study for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane. The study’s intent is to monitor and measure the economic benefits and opportunities, and identify impacts of the development over the life of both delivery and operations.

  • Over what part of the precinct will the state government issue a 24/7 liquor licence?

    The exact area subject to the 24/7 commercial special facility liquor licence to be granted under the Liquor Act 1992 will be finalised closer to the opening date. The area will be agreed between the state government (Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming) and the Licensee and will be within the core IRD area and will not extend to the whole precinct.

  • What were the recent legislative changes and how do they relate to the PoD application?

    On Tuesday 19 April 2016 the Queensland Parliament passed the Brisbane Casino Agreement Amendment Act 2016 and the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Act 2016. The Brisbane Casino Agreement Amendment Act 2016 allows the redevelopment of the existing Treasury Casino and Hotel to be approved under the same planning regime as the entire QWB project. The Queen's Wharf Brisbane Act 2016 provides for ratification of the QWB casino licence and provides a framework to support the implementation of QWB as a world-class tourism facility as well as protection of the city's renowned landmarks during the construction phase.

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020