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Advancing Women in Business

The Queensland Government recognises and appreciates the valuable contribution women in business make to Queensland’s economy. Ensuring female business owners are supported, encouraged and recognised is a core component of the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 (the Strategy).

The Strategy outlines how the Queensland Government is encouraging and supporting more women to start and grow their own businesses by:

  • facilitating and strengthening connectivity between the Queensland Government and women’s groups across the state
  • effectively engaging women in Office of Small Business activities such as grants, events and mentoring
  • boosting women as mentors on the Mentoring for Growth program
  • making available the tools, skills and opportunities needed by women.

The aim is to engage and partner with women across the state to better understand their needs and to provide resources, events, networking, development and partnership opportunities to help women-led businesses start, grow and employ.

Creating networks to connect women with peers and mentors is an essential element to supporting women in business. This is done by showcasing successful women in business, providing opportunities to build business management skills and delivering professional development programs.

A key part of the Strategy is to provide support for women to take part in programs such as Mentoring for Growth. The Queensland Government is engaging with local, regional and national networks to foster stronger connections between women in business, industry and government to create growth opportunities.

It is recognised there is an increasing number of young women becoming business owners in Queensland, making access to education and training a priority. The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring these opportunities are widely available, as well as mentoring and advice from established businesses, to provide a two-way exchange of ideas and approaches to starting and expanding a business.

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