The Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games has transitioned to the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games.

We are continuing to update this website working with other Queensland Government departments.

Go Local campaign

Small businesses are the lifeblood to growth in local communities. The 'Go Local' campaign celebrates small businesses across Queensland and promotes the benefits of buying locally and supporting local small businesses.

Small business owners have access to advice and online tools through the Office of Small Business that can help them grow their business and engage the local community to get behind keeping small business going strong in Queensland.

Get Involved

Buying from your local small business in Queensland not only supports local people, but it supports the whole community. A strengthened local economy creates an environment where new businesses can open and existing businesses can grow, creating more opportunities for everyone.

Support your local small business

Show your support for Queensland's small businesses by considering your purchase and the benefits you can bring to your community if you shop at a local small business.

Ask your local business if they are a Go Local business, and share your story of how you Go Local through social media using the #GoLocalQld hashtag.

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