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Global Tourism Hubs

Global Tourism Hubs (GTH) are an integrated strategy for Queensland that incentivises the private sector to support the delivery of the government’s policy objectives.

A GTH is designed to:

  • deliver world-class tourism infrastructure - accelerating tourism growth and supporting local infrastructure opportunities
  • develop integrated resorts with a broad range of tourist related facilities and attractions and other tourism infrastructure
  • support the government’s broader tourism strategy by encouraging more direct flights from Asia and increase visitors’ length of stay, spend per night and repeat visitation
  • deliver catalytic projects that support city building objectives and other complementary projects
  • optimise broader community gains including; regional jobs, investment and associated flow-on developments including enhancing public realm
  • provide high-quality accommodation and a range of experiences encouraging longer visitor stays and greater tourism expenditure

Criteria for a Global Tourism Hub location

  • be located within close proximity to a major population centre with a catchment of at least 150,000 people within a 70km radius of the regional centre
  • be near an operational international airport or an airport that is capable of being upgraded to international standards
  • have well-established transport networks and significant existing tourism infrastructure with identified growth potential
  • include significant capital investment to create a development that attracts international tourists, where construction commences within 18 months of contractual close


  • On 16 March 2016 the government announced that if one or both of the then current regional Integrated Resort Development (IRD) proposals did not go ahead, the Queensland Government may go back to the market to seek expressions of interest for the available regional casino licences
  • On 3 November 2016 the government announced market sounding was underway to test the resort and gaming industry and investor interest in another regional integrated resort in Queensland
  • On 28 October 2017 the government announced that a Global Tourism Hub (GTH) procurement process will proceed in Tropical North Queensland
  • On 5th March 2019 the government announced that a Global Tourism Hub procurement process will proceed on the Gold Coast.

Regional Benefits

Global Tourism Hubs secure additional regional benefits and go beyond previous developments, creating a hub for infrastructure and investment through building on and reinvigorating current developments.

An example of the Integrated Resort component of a Global Tourism Hub is the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Integrated Resort Development, offering a unique and vibrant new world city development for Brisbane. While it is attracting additional visitors and investment, by its development it is offering new connectivity between Brisbane’s city centre and the river, preserving and celebrating Brisbane's heritage and delivering accessible high-quality public spaces. It is the catalyst in securing interest in new regional maritime industry expansions, supporting aviation industry expansions and offering new dining and accommodation options.

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020