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Policy and general

  • What is a Global Tourism Hub (GTH)?

    Global Tourism Hubs are part of the Queensland Government’s plan to boost tourism, strengthen the economy and create more jobs. A Global Tourism Hub is an integrated resort featuring iconic structures, world-class entertainment and dining experiences and better public spaces for local residents. Read more

  • What is the government’s criteria for locating future Global Tourism Hubs?

    Any new regional Global Tourism Hub proposal must:

    • Be located within close proximity to a major population centre with a catchment of at least 150,000 people within a 70 kilometre radius of the regional centre
    • Be near an operational international airport or an airport that is capable of being upgraded to international standards
    • Have well-established transport networks and significant existing tourism infrastructure with identified growth potential
    • Include significant capital investment and commence construction within 18 months of contractual close.
  • What kind of features will a Global Tourism Hub offer?

    Global Tourism Hubs are a destination in their own right. They are so much more than a casino and may include features like:

    • Entertainment, recreational and cultural facilities
    • Five and six-star hotels
    • Theatre and convention facilities
    • Meeting and conference spaces
    • Apartments
    • Arcades, pools, salons, gyms and other recreational facilities
    • Casino and gaming facilities
    • Tourist attractions such as maritime museums and aquariums
    • Cinemas
    • Parkland and community spaces
    • Bars and celebrity chef restaurants
    • Boutique retail.
  • What are the benefits of a Global Tourism Hub?

    A Global Tourism Hub is a world-class entertainment and dining attraction, set to draw more visitors to the Gold Coast and improve the city’s liveability for residents through increased public space.

    Tourism on the Gold Coast is worth close to $5 billion and supports more than 40,000 local jobs. A Global Tourism Hub could create an expected 6,000 jobs and attract an extra one million visitors annually.

    The Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub has the potential to:

    • Provide the next generation of careers and employment for the Gold Coast
    • Pave the future for Australia’s sixth largest city, with a population forecasted to double in the next 35 years
    • Celebrate the natural beauty of the iconic Gold Coast locale
    • Reinforce the region’s reputation as Queensland’s tourism capital
    • Create new opportunities for existing businesses in the Gold Coast region
    • Support future infrastructure requirements on and around the project site
    • Provide significant community benefit, including open space, entertainment, recreational and cultural facilities.
  • What is the government’s position about new casinos in Queensland?

    The government has tested market interest in regional Global Tourism Hubs with casino licences and undertaken analysis on the gaming markets to understand international trends and demands.

    The market soundings undertaken in 2017 showed that the Gold Coast and Cairns regions are clearly preferred by potential investors. Under government policy, only two new casino licences are available in regional Queensland.

    On 28 October 2017, the government announced a GTH for Tropical North Queensland, bringing a dynamic new tourism opportunity to the region.

    The government will make a new casino licence available for the Gold Coast to support a world-class tourism attraction. Any proposal that includes a casino will only be considered if the gaming area is five percent or less of the resort gross floor area.

  • Why is a new casino licence being made available?

    Most integrated resorts around the world include a casino, however, it is not a requirement of this project. Any proposal that includes a casino will not be approved unless the gaming area is five percent or less of the resort gross floor area.

    The incumbent operator will be directly invited to participate in the Global Tourism Hub process. It may be that the incumbent operator on the Gold Coast meets the objectives of the GTH process and no new license needs to be issued.

  • Following previous integrated resort development transactions, how will this new process deliver?

    The new Global Tourism Hubs competitive procurement process has implemented key learnings from previous processes. It has been deliberately structured to ensure that proven operators deliver visionary developments in locations – Gold Coast and Tropical North – that meet market expectations, whilst maximising community benefits.

  • Does this mean more poker machines in Queensland?

    The government is committed to delivery of the Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub (GTH) without increasing the overall number of poker machines.

  • Why do we need another casino?

    International operators want to invest in a Global Tourism Hub on the Gold Coast and increase the tourism offerings available for businesses and the community. Visitors are also interested in coming to a location with a strong international tourism profile that offers pristine beaches, several theme parks, various entertainment offerings and natural assets.

    Most integrated resorts around the world include a casino, noting a casino is only one small part of the development. For Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands the casino gaming area is less than five percent of the resort’s gross floor area. The same will be the case for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane when completed.

  • What about local clubs?

    A Global Tourism Hub with a casino licence would operate in a very different market to clubs that do not have an international tourist focus.

    The government will continue to work with state-wide clubs to ensure their sustainability.

  • Is this an asset sale?

    The Global Tourism Hub process is not based on the sale of government land. If public land is considered, the successful proponent may be offered a long-term lease to develop a high-quality tourist destination. At the same time, proponents can also propose to use privately-owned land, as long as it adheres the government’s criteria for a Global Tourism Hub. The precise nature of any tenure agreements will be considered as part of the evaluation process.

  • What casino suitability checks will be undertaken?

    As part of any market process, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) will undertake a thorough and comprehensive assessment of any interested proponents before they are deemed suitable to be issued with a casino licence. DJAG will also undertake routine checks to ensure the suitability of all persons associated or connected with the management of new casino operations in Queensland.

Gold Coast Tourism Hub

  • Why the Gold Coast?

    The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches, theme parks and rainforest and is perfectly positioned for business, investment, sport, events and tourism. The city also meets the government’s criteria for a Global Tourism Hub.

    International market sounding has indicated there is strong interest in a Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub and the government is now testing the market.

    A Global Tourism Hub can help pave the way for this rapidly growing city, with a population forecast to double in the next 35 years. It underpins the long-term growth and liveability of the region, creating thousands of new jobs and attracting significant new visitors to the region each year.

    In the near term, an estimated 20,000 additional tourism workers are needed by 2020 in Queensland. As the Gold Coast competes for future workers, a GTH will support viable, diverse and long term career paths in tourism.

  • How will a Global Tourism Hub grow the tourism pie for Queensland?

    Global Tourism Hubs are about Queensland holding and gaining market share, especially in the regions. They are delivered by the private sector. Only proposals that demonstrate world-class tourism precincts that attract additional international tourists will be considered. The Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub is expected to attract an extra one million visitors annually.

  • Why hasn’t the government nominated a site?

    The Queensland Government has no preferred site for a Global Tourism Hub on the Gold Coast. As we test the market, with the City of Gold Coast, we will consider suitable sites nominated by proponents to ensure the best outcome. The Spit, Wavebreak Island and the Broadwater Tourist Park will not be considered. Development is not permitted on beaches or in national parks.

  • Who will want to visit the Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub?

    The Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub will reinforce the region’s position as the tourism capital of Queensland. It will attract visitors from around the world to experience all the Gold Coast has to offer, whilst improving the liveability of the city for local residents with increased public space.

    Target visitors include new international and domestic tourists to Queensland, who will stay longer and return for repeat visits.

  • How will the Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub assist other businesses?

    A Global Tourism Hub is a visionary strategy that can help pave the way for the Gold Coast, one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.

    Right now, tourism on the Gold Coast is worth close to $5 billion, supports thousands of local businesses and sustains more than 40,000 local jobs.

    The Queensland Government – in partnership with the City of Gold Coast – is determined to see this grow. On the Gold Coast, this visionary tourism project will create an expected 6,000 local jobs and attract an extra one million visitors annually.

  • Is this just a way for the government to get the incumbent to reinvest or expand?

    As with Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and the Tropical North Global Tourism Hub, the current operator progresses directly into the Expressions of Interest stage of the process.

    A Global Tourism Hub increases the tourism pie for Queensland.

    When the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane process commenced the existing operator offered a modest expansion. Through a competitive process we now have a $3.6 billion development that includes substantial public spaces and places, a pedestrian bridge and will generate an estimated $1.69 billion annual increase in Queensland tourism spend.

Market Process

  • How does the Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub process work?

    In March 2019, the Queensland Government began a world-wide search for the best proposal to deliver a Global Tourism Hub on the Gold Coast.

    This proven procurement process seeks visionary ideas from the world’s best hospitality and tourism entertainment leaders to ensure the Gold Coast gets new world-class tourism infrastructure.

    5 March 2019 Registration of Interest (ROI) open
    17 April 2019 Registration of Interest closed
    Mid 2019 Government release of Expressions of Interest (EOI)
    Q3 2019 Expression of Interest (EOI) close
    Q4 2019 Shortlisted proponents announced
    Q4 2019 Release of Request for Detailed Proposals (RFDP) to shortlisted proponents
    Q3 2020 RFDP responses and evaluation
    Q3/Q4 2020 Transaction documents signed between the government and preferred proponent
  • How long could it take to deliver a process like the Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub?

    This process will follow a similar approach to Queen’s Wharf Brisbane.

    The Queensland Government and Destination Brisbane Consortium reached contractual close on the $3.6 billion project in November 2015, with an expected opening in 2022.

    Whilst the longer-term economic impacts may not be seen for some time, a range of community benefits will be delivered during the early stages, including construction jobs.

Community engagement

  • What engagement activities will be undertaken for the project?

    The Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub is coordinated by a dedicated project team within the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games and supported by the Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel.

    Gold Coast residents, business owners and community groups are invited to have their say.

    There are a number of ways to get involved and stay up-to-date:

    • Project webpage, Facebook and Twitter
    • Project email and free call 1800 phone number
    • Pop-up information booths
    • Newsletter updates
    • Presentations at industry events
    • Stakeholder information sessions
    • Online questionnaire during the Expression of Interest stage
    • Workshops and focus groups.

    You can also contact the project team:

    • Email:
    • Phone (free call): 1800 959 989 (Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm AEST)
    • Post: Tourism Development Projects Division, Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games, PO Box 15009, City East, QLD, 4002
  • Who is on the Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel and what role does it play?

    The Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel is advising the Queensland Government on key issues for the possible Gold Coast Global Tourism Hub (GTH) including:

    • strategies to assist the community to be kept informed of the project
    • how the project can best support the key objectives of growing tourism, jobs and new opportunities for Gold Coast businesses
    • ensuring a balanced approach to fostering economic opportunity and addressing community expectations
    • ensuring the Gold Coast’s interests, as Australia’s premier tourism destination, are heard and considered in the GC GTH process

    Chaired by prominent Gold Coaster John Witheriff, the Panel includes Destination Gold Coast Board Director John Morris, Gold Coast Airport Chief Executive Officer Chris Mills, Gold Coast Suns Chairman Tony Cochrane and City of Gold Coast Chief Executive Officer, Dale Dickson.

  • What engagement is being undertaken by the Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel and how will this inform the project?

    The Panel will conduct an independent study of community sentiment about a possible future Global Tourism Hub on the Gold Coast from May 2019 to June 2019.

    The Panel is gauging community sentiment by undertaking individual consultations with key industry, business and community stakeholders, hosting focus groups, conducting an online survey and receiving public submissions.

    Findings will be reported to the Queensland Government in Q3 2019.

  • How do I contact the Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel?

    Public submissions are open until 10 June 2019 and can be sent to or PO Box 11, Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227.

  • What are the Gold Coast Tourism Advisory Panel’s Terms of Reference?

    Terms of Reference (PDF, 177.2KB) were developed in May 2019.

Contact us for more information

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1800 959 989 (Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm AEST)
  • Post: Tourism Development Projects Division, Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games, PO Box 15168, City East, QLD, 4002

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