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About Integrated Resort Developments

What are Integrated Resort Developments?

An Integrated Resort Development (IRD) is a high quality, mixed use destination aimed at providing tourism, leisure and entertainment facilities that appeal to as broad a demographic as possible, including the international market. Such developments deliver broad direct and indirect benefits to the economy and community. They may also include casinos and offer gaming activities integrated with other service offerings to go beyond the traditional stand-alone casino.

An Integrated Resort Development could include:

  • iconic architecture with expansive high amenity public realm
  • five or six star hotels
  • arcades, pools, salons, gyms and other recreational facilities
  • meeting and conference spaces
  • tourist attractions including maritime museums and aquariums
  • theatre and convention facilities
  • cinemas
  • boutique retail
  • bars
  • celebrity chef restaurants.

Benefits of an Integrated Resort Development

Integrated Resort Developments offer outstanding opportunities for Queensland to enhance its tourism offerings. Such developments can support major events and reinvigorate key locations across the state for entertainment and recreation to both locals and visitors alike.

In Queensland, tourism contributes $25 billion to the state's economy and supports over 217,000 jobs.

The Queensland Government is committed to supporting the growth of the tourism sector.

Integrated Resort Developments can help achieve this goal by contributing to increased international tourism and boosting the state's economy through tourism and construction.

Criteria for future Integrated Resort Developments

Any new regional Integrated Resort Development proposal must:

  • include significant capital investment to create a development that attracts international tourists, where construction commences within 18 months of contractual close
  • be located within close proximity to a major population centre with a catchment of at least 150,000 people within a 70 kilometre radius of the regional centre
  • be near an operational international airport or an airport that is capable of being upgraded to international standards
  • have well-established transport networks and significant existing tourism infrastructure with identified growth potential.

Further information

Read more about the current status. For further information on Integrated Resort Developments please contact us.

Last updated: 03 Dec 2019