The Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games has transitioned to the Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games.

We are continuing to update this website working with other Queensland Government departments.

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ)

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) is a statutory body of the Queensland Government and the state's leading marketing, destination and experience development and major events agency.

In partnership with government, regional tourism organisations, industry and commercial stakeholders, we aim to build Queensland's tourism and events industry to foster innovation, drive industry growth and boost visitor expenditure.

Our Mission

We are a consumer-led experienced-focused and destination-delivered organisation that connects people and places like never before through innovation and collaboration with the tourism and events industry.

TEQ's responsibilities

  • Marketing Queensland and its world-class destinations
  • Building unique and appealing tourism experiences
  • Identifying, attracting, developing and marketing major events for the state
  • Researching and analysing tourism in Queensland

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